Getting something working fast ? Code examples and audience

Is there any sense of the breakdown, in users of Script Debugger, between:

  • those who write scripts mainly for themselves, and
  • those who are mainly writing scripts professionally, for use by others ?

Or to put it another way, do we think that most active Applescripters read:

Getting something working fast


  • (Getting something working) asap, or
  • Getting something to (work/run really fast) ?

short of doing a poll, I don’t think you’ll get a satisying answer from random answers here.

So personally, I like things that fall together ASAP. Speed of the actual script is secondary.

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I wouldn’t presume to speak for “most active AppleScripters”. To me, the phrase is a grammatical and semantic absurdity, “fast” being an adjective in my book. :wink: The ambiguity can easily be overcome by using less ambiguous syntax:

  • Quickly getting something to work
  • Getting something to work quickly

Some people like to argue about which meaning’s more important, but of course that wastes time which could be spent on script development. :wink:

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I’m primarily interested in getting things working asap. The point of automation in my life is to reduce the time needed to accomplish all the tasks on my plate. Too much time spent creating a script nullifies the time savings the script affords. Execution time is really low on my priority list and only rises for scripts that run with some regularity.



and perhaps that suggests another axis of differentiation – either:

  • the more time we spend coding the happier we are, or
  • the less time we spend coding the less it costs to the rest of our lives.

[ ] – my insert

LOL! Laugh of the day!