[FR] Let me select ".entitlements" instead of ".plist" for "extra entitlements"

Great job adding the “extra entitlements…” feature, just when I started needing it! :slight_smile:

(I need it to re-add the com.apple.security.get-task-allow) entitlement to enable the JavaScriptCore Web Inspector to work in my released app, not just in Xcode)

I already have a “.entitlements” file in my project, and I’d wanted to select that when the dialog come up to selec the entitlements file - but it won’t accept that kind of extension, but only plist files, requiring me to create a copy (or symlink) of my original entitlements file.

Would you please enable selecting .entitlements extensions, too?

As always, your work is much appreciated. I also use App Wrapper, but SD Notary is easier to use for some of my needs. And free! :slight_smile:

I’ll add it my to-do list.

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This is included in version 1.4.10.

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