Force quit a script with an endless loop

I have accidentally entered into an endless repeat loop while debugging a script in SD. Tried using cmd+. to quit the running script but it didn’t work. I need to force quit SD at the end.

Just wondering if there is a way to quit a script in this situation?

Thank you in advance

You should be able to hit the Stop button, but depending on the code it might take a long time to respond.

Thanks for the info. However, I can’t even hit the stop button on my case coz there are two dialogue boxes showing up consecutively. In this test script, I have forgotten that I only extract the first character of the button returned. (It’s perfectly fine for me to force-quit SD, just want to know if there is any other method)

Thanks again

In theory you can time your press just so :smile:, but in practice you’re probably going to have to force-quit.

Thank you very much again.
SD is wonderful. As a beginner in Applescript, I can’t possibly write all the scripts that I have written, both in terms of debugging and code management. Most importantly, SD helps me to pick up the learning curve of AppleScript dramatically!