Font size of breakpoints doesn't seem to change

I used the Preferences pane to change size of font in all the sections of Script Debugger UI, but the list of breakpoints (bottom right corner of Script Debugger debug window) doesn’t seem to pay attention to the change. The other sections do (list of variables, etc), but not the list of breakpoints. Is that a known bug? Is there some other way to get these list of breakpoints to have a larger font size like other UI elements? My old eyes don’t see the small fonts as well as they used to :wink:

Maybe you might think about adding a feature to the “View” menu on increasing/decreasing the overall UI zoom factor so that all items can be enlarged or shrunk to the desired amount at once? So all fonts and other elements would increase or decrease in size with one simple request if desired???


ps … this was on version 7.0.8 of Script Debugger

This is a bug, the intent is that breakpoint font size should change with the other views in the Result & Debugging pane.