FileManagerLib, RegexAndStuffLib updates

I’ve released a couple of upgrades. FileManagerLib 2.3.2 now has commands for dealing with date properties, while RegexAndStuffLib 1.0.6 accepts lists of strings for its regex change and regex batch commands.

Download them here:

Hey Shane

I’m having trouble connecting to your site? Dont want to spoil your Friday night and it might just be my telstra cable connection…

Your connection, I think. Fine here on Optus cable.

No problem here, on Friday MORNING!

Wishlist for FileManagerLib:

return file size for a given file reference

Thanks Shane, these libraries are great. Very useful.

I’m considering it. The issue is that it has to be calculated for anything other than flat files, which makes it potentially a bit slow. I suppose I could use the Finder approach with big items, and just make up a number :wink:.