FileManagerLib: `find original of` returns outdated path

I’ve found what seems to be a reproducible bug with the find original of command in the FileManagerLib script library. It goes like this:

  1. Create an alias for this is a test.scpt in Finder
  2. Rename the original file to this-is-a-test.scpt
  3. Run find original of on the alias (with returning file or not)
  4. Returns: this is a test.scpt
  5. Open the alias in Finder (it works)
  6. Run find original of again
  7. Returns: this-is-a-test.scpt

In other words, find original of returns an outdated path until the alias is executed.

Is this a bug or just a limitation of aliases?

v2.3.5 / MacOS 12.4

That’s the way aliases work.