FileManagerLib dictionary glitch

In FileManagerLib the copy object dictionary entry the “new name” property is defined as a boolean. It should be text. If you provide a boolean (either one) you get an error.

(Not sure if this is the best place for this feedback)

Also, if you double-click on a command in a library dictionary shouldn’t you get the same result as if you clicked the paste tell button? When I do it nothing happens.

Thanks for the FileManagerLib report – it’s fixed in the new version out very soon.

Try control-clicking on the command names.

These issues don’t seem to have been corrected.

Copy object still has a boolean for new name, and double clicking doesn’t insert the command.

I’m using v2.3.3 (just installed and cleared cache; is there anything else I need to do to make sure the library’s current dictionary is loaded?)

I just downloaded 2.3.3 and checked to make sure, and it definitely says text.

Quit and re-launch Script Debugger.

No, but that’s not peculiar to FileManagerLib. Use control-click.