Feature Request for 7.0.2

When searching multiple dictionaries how about a checkbox for including or excluding searching Script Libraries?

By the way, how do we do that multiple dictionary search, it seems I can only search in the selected dictionary and the help doesn’t seem to say anything about that…

At the moment the only Script Libraries cached are those listed in Recent and Favorites, and they are searched if those checkboxes are checked. What you’re asking for means potentially searching items that aren’t listed, which apart from being potentially very slow, is also an odd thing to do.

What’s the benefit?

Show the Inspector Tab; it’s at the top of the Dictionaries Inspector.

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Why there and not in the dictionary main window ?

I have numerous libraries from various sources I’ve installed. But I don’t remember all the commands that are in every one. Rather than having to open each library’s dictionary I’d prefer to be able to search all of them at once.

The potential for it being slow is why I’d want it to be an option that could be turned off. But it would be a lot faster than opening each dictionary and searching there.

In some ways that’s the crux of the matter. Devoting resources to better support Script Libraries with scripting dictionaries has been tempered by their scarcity. I’ve distributed about half-a-dozen, and I think I’ve seen maybe three or four others. Where are you getting them all from?

Context. One displays information for multiple applications, so being able to search them makes sense, whereas the other displays information about only one application.

I’m not convinced… The big window is, well, big as opposed to the Inspector tab that is very small. And the search settings in the Inspector tab could very well be reproduced in the Dictionary window. In fact, I always try to call the Dictionary window with Cmd+D and when it doesn’t work I realize I am not inside a tell block. Even if the window is opened and in the background. In that case, the shortcut should at least put the window to the front… I think there is an ergonomic issue here.

It’s an explanation, not an argument.

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I’ve filed feature requests for your two issues:

  1. multi-dictionary searching from the Dictionary window
  2. command-D should always open a dictionary window

For item 1, this is a significant UI change. We’ll consider this for the next major release of SD.

For item 2, I’m not sure I agree. I’ll ponder this for a while.

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Couple of other related requests

I like the way clippings can be set up so that if the use statements aren’t there, they are added at the top.

Would it be possible to do the same from a library dictionary when you do a paste tell?

Similarly, would it be possible to include somewhere in the dictionary a copy/pasteable version of the library’s name, and an indication of where it’s installed? A workaround is to use “Reveal in Finder”

Also, an indication somewhere of what version (if the lib is versioned) is being used would also be helpful.

Another request:::::

I’m using the split screen and I like to display a handler in the second pane and the part of the script I’m stepping through in that calls the handler in the first pane.

When the handler is called, would it be possible to have the focus shift to the second pane when the stepping into the displayed handler? The way it works now the upper pane jumps to the handler and both panes display the same which kind of defeats the purpose.

OK, I know some of you are going to hate this one…

I like code folding more and more. (Except when it causes instability of course, but it seems pretty solid).

But there is one or two more things I’d like to be able to fold and unfold:

The “use” statements at the top of the script.
The property declarations at the top of the script.


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Just noticed I hadn’t answered this. Here’s a list of the libs I have installed with and without dictionaries:

Libraries with Dictionaries
Dialog Toolkit Plus.scptd
Dialog Toolkit.scptd
Metadata Lib.scptd
Myriad Tables Lib.scptd
SQLite Lib2.scptd

Libraries without Dictionaires
Defaults lib.scptd
SQLite Lib.scptd

Some of these I never use.