Favorite in dictionary is not working

I have BBEdit’s dictionary as a favorite. When I click on the icon in the favorites pane of the dictionary window, nothing happens. There a large, grayed-out SD icon filling the window.

I clicked the icon in the Running part of the list and it opened. I clicked the favorite button in the toolbar and now I have two BBEdit favorites in favorite list, one works and one doesn’t. The one that doesn’t work all of the toolbar controls are grayed out and the only menu choice under dictionary is “Reload” and that does nothing.

If I control-click–Reveal in Finder on them, each takes me to the same version of BBEdiit. Paste tell works too.

It looks like I can remove it from the dictionary using the contextual menu, and I will if Mark or Shane don’t need any more info.

→ Script Debugger 8.0.3 (8A49)
→ BBEdit 14.1
→ Mac OS 11.6.3 (20G415)