FastScripts 3.2 featuring customized script folders and parameterized scripts

I just posted FastScripts 3.2 with a number of pretty major improvements, including a couple power-scripter type features that I think will be of interest particularly to this group. You can read more here:

In particular the ability to pass parameters to scripts AND to wait for the result of the scripts. Unlike Apple’s default “run script” command, I’ve separated out the run action from the “wait for the result” request, so you can do some creative things queuing up jobs for FastScripts to perform and then wait for all of them to complete.

Let me know if you have any feedback! Thanks,



What a fantastic upgrade, Daniel! You’ve taken FastScripts in a really great direction.

I’ve only been using FastScripts since version 3.0 came out, but it’s already become indispensable to me. It takes a lot of the hassle out of running AppleScripts.

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One of the really powerful usecases is that FastScripts can now be used as a replacement for osascript from the command line! This lets you use FastScripts’ superior script runner and error/progress reporting from anywhere in macOS. Nice!

It also makes storing .scpt files in iCloud Drive a little saner, as FastScripts doesn’t modify the .scpt file after running (unlike osascript), so you don’t end up with modifications getting out of sync.

Shell script ( for running AppleScripts from the command line:

osascript -e 'on run argv
	if length of argv is 0 then error "usage: <path>" number 2
	tell application "FastScripts" to return result of (run (item 1 of argv as «class furl») with parameters (rest of argv))
end run' "$@"

Invoked as: /PATH/TO/SCRIPT arg1 arg2


Great thinking @tree_frog! Thanks for sharing.

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Daniel - Thank you very much for FastScript’s and it’s continuing development. I am already thinking of uses for the new ability of running scripts. I wish all applications were of its caliber.

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