Fast Scripts, MyriadTables Accessory view glitch

I have a script that uses Myriad Tables with Accessory views. It works just fine, and I use it every day.

The problem is I had to update it recently, adding to the height of the accessory views, which is limited to 250 pts.

I tweaked and trimmed and got it to fit, and everything is fine, except if I run the script via fast scripts. In that context, and that context only I get an error message that accessory view height cannot exceed 250 pts.

Why would the accessory view height be different when running from Fast Script?

This is a rather long script so if anyone wants to look at it I’m including it as a compressed attachment.

00)InfoBox TV Rating (33.8 KB)

→ Script Debugger 8.0.5 (8A61)
→ MacOS 12.6.3

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Update: I reduced the spacer variable to 0 and that seemed to fix the size issue, but in some versions I’m getting this:

Error Number: -1708

NSThread doesn’t understand the “isMainThread” message.

My M1 Mac mini+macOS 13.4beta1 + SD8.0.6 seems to work well. No error message.

Read this:

Be aware that every time you will save a library, it will loose the added preference.

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