External debugging works (once again) with BBEdit 12.1

BareBones Software recently announced a public Beta for BBEdit 12.1

This is a 64-bit version of BBEdit. This, once again, makes BBEdit compatible with Script Debugger’s external AppleScript debugging facility. You can save a script within BBEdit’s Scripts folder with debugging enabled, and when the script is invoked from BBEdit, Script Debugger will come forward to let you debug the script in-situ. For best results, I suggest having the script open in SD before invoking it from BBEdit.

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There are a couple of other reasons why this is good news for scripters:

  • 10.13 currently has a bug that crashes scripts using AppleScriptObjC when run from a 32-bit host, so this avoids the problem for scripts run from BBEdit.

  • You can now use scripts that call 64-bit-only frameworks. My Myriad Tables Lib library is a good example — it can now be used in scripts run from BBEdit.

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