Exporting from FileMaker Pro into Evernote

@BillKopp, I know you are a FMP expert, and are in the process of exporting a FMP database to Pages. I have a fellow Evernote user who needs help exporting FMP to Evernote. I can easily handle the Evernote part, but I’m weak on FMP.

Would you be willing to share your code and/or give me some tips on exporting data from FMP?

I will attach the Evernote SDEF for a Note, but here are the key fields we will need:

  1. title – Title of Note
  2. HTML content – HTML of the body of the Note
  3. creation date – Date note was created
  4. modification date – Date note was last modified
  5. notebook name – Name of the Notebook (this could be like a folder in FMP, or a major category)
  6. source URL – URL from which the Note was created.
  7. list of tag names – Tags assigned to the note, much like Finder Tags
  8. author – name of person who created or “owns” the Note

Actually, I don’t think you will need the PDF of the full SDEF, but if you do, just let me know.

Again, the only help we need from you is how to get the data out of FMP.
For now, let’s assume there is a FMP table with a record that corresponds to an EN Note.

Thanks, Bill.


The process for export is pretty automated in FileMaker. Mostly what you do for an export is make choices and FileMaker does the rest.

To export records you choose “Export Records”…" from the “File” menu. A dialog come up and asks what format to use for the export (e.g. tab-separated values, comma-separated values, xml, HTML table, etc). Once a format is chosen you go to a dialog which allows you pick which fields to export. You can also specify what order you want to export fields regardless of what ordering is used in FileMaker. You can also pick what character set to use for the output (unicode, macintosh, etc). Then you select a location to save the export and do the export.

If you have some type of data that when exported in it’s native FMP format will be in a format Evernote can’t read then FMP can convert it to something that can be read by Evernote.

For something bigger like “HTML content” it should be able to export that field. FMP has pretty big sizes for field limits. The problem you might run into is the field size limits on Evernote.

That’s pretty much what I can say on a general level. Problems can occur converting values, formats required in Evernote may require some converting. If problems occur on really stubborn fields I just create a FMP script that just writes information to disk or puts it on the clipboard and then then input or paste in the destination database.

If I had access to the database I could probably just do it or least look for things that might cause problems. But FileMaker handles all those datatypes well. I am not sure what exactly you are asking me. I would think the export and input would be pretty straight forward. Are you asking something about FileMaker, Evernote or both?

If you have something like a physical sdef that can probably be handle in FileMaker in a field type called “container” or FMP can store a path to a file and work with it a path designation.