Explorer failing for Filemaker Pro 17 trial version

Downloaded the Filemaker Pro 17 trial from the Filemaker website…like to make sure that Applescript support is still there before I click “buy”. :wink: Anyway, when I open the “Research Notes” template in FMPro 17 and bring up SD’s Explorer window for it, seems SD can’t get any info to display. It just shows “Error counting databases -10004” and it says this same thing for every item: databases, windows, menus, etc.

why don´t you try to check it out if the database has the access privileges via apple events?
In the extended privilege area check the appropriate privileges and chances are that this solve your problem

Hi! Vince, I also installed FMPA 17 this morning. I checked what you talking about but unless I didn’t do the same thing as you did, everything appear normal to me. I even ran some script to import PDF document in my database.
Oh! re-reading your post Title and realized that I’m running the full version; not the trial version. Could it be the difference?

To follow up on what @CarlosYsunza said, go to File -> Manage -> Security, select the user, then click Edit to change the Privilege Set: .

OK, I set a password for Admin in a new database, priveleges are [FULL ACCESS]. After doing that, the error messages clear, but the Explorer Window is completely blank. Adding records to the database, and renaming the table and reloading the Explorer window also does the same thing — blank Explorer window. I also checked the “Use Advanced tools” in prefs and relaunched FMPro17 (which will crash FMPro17 if SD is running in background with Explorer window open) and after quitting SD, relaunching FMPro17 trial, I still only see a blank explorer window.

If Dan has had success with the full version, I am perfectly willing to take his word that it seems to be fine. It is entirely possible that this is due to some limitation on the trial version, but info on this is rather sketchy on the Filemaker site… the only thing I could find said that the trial version is entierly functional except it cannot create runtimes.

Unfortunately I am going to be spending most of today traveling and I won’t have time to do any more testing. Most likely I will be updating to the full paid version, so this will hopefully be a moot point in the near future. Thanks.

That in itself isn’t enough. You still have to Edit the Privilege Set.

Thanks, Shane, and Carlos — that did it. In the Edit Priveleges there is a checkbox for “allow AppleEvents” and that makes the difference.

Interestingly, I have used SD with FMPro Advanced 14 on numerous occasions in the past without a password being set or ever accessing the “Edit Priveleges” dialog. Apparently, this has changed sometime since v14….

Just FYI, the need to edit privileges first appeared in v16.