Everyday AppleScriptObjC -- Essential Reading

Everyday AppleScriptObjC, Third Edition, by Shane Stanley

If you are learning, or want to learn, ASObjC, then this is an essential reference. You won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

Shane, if you already have a topic for this, please feel free to move my post.

I came here tonight to post a simple script to open the example script file from the PDF of the book. Simply copy the script reference, and run this script.

Copy This


Run This Script

### Set This Property to the Path to YOUR Examples Folder for Everyday ASObjC ###
property EASfolder : ".../Everyday_AppleScriptObjC_3.3/Yosemite and later versions/"

set scriptFile to (the clipboard as text) & ".scpt"

if (scriptFile starts with "Script ") then
  set scriptFilePath to EASfolder & scriptFile
  set scriptFileHFS to POSIX file scriptFilePath
  tell application "Script Debugger 7"
    set oldOIT to open in tabs
    set open in tabs to no
    open scriptFileHFS -- in new Window
    set open in tabs to oldOIT
  end tell
  display dialog "This is NOT a valid Script File from Everyday ASObjC:" & ¬
    linefeed & scriptFile ¬
    buttons {"Cancel"} default button "Cancel"
end if


BTW, I now use Apple Preview, rather than Acrobat Pro, to search PDFs. It is much, much better. See advanced search in Preview.