Errors in Xcode Apps since High Sierra update

Since I’ve updated to High Sierra 10.13.6 and Xcode 9.4.1, each of my AppleScriptObjC apps returns this two errors at start up:

MessageTracer: load_domain_whitelist_search_tree:73: Search tree file’s format version number (0) is not supported
MessageTracer: Falling back to default whitelist

Some of those apps consist in a single window containing a table.
They return the following error at launch, apparently as many times as there are rows in the table:

AppleEvents: received mach msg which wasn’t complex type as expected in getMemoryReference.

Does anyone have a clue on this?
Google is of no help.

The latter one can just be ignored. I don’t know about the first, but if it doesn’t cause any problems, you can probably ignore it too.

I’m not sure.
When running the app from Xcode (Build & Run), the data is significantly slower to load (x20).
When launched as standalone app, it’s not obvious (± 1s instead of 0.4s).
But there is no freeze or any unexpected quit…


As Shane already said, you can ignore it.

These messages were littering AppleScript logs on High Sierra (and possibly also on Sierra, I don’t remember by now). Apple fixed it on Mojave.

Hi leo,

Good to know that it’s fixed in Mojave.
I am considering to update to this version.
I am a bit worried by the fact that there can be problems with Adobe CC and Office 365 apps.

But since Catalina is out, there’s hope…