Error Marker Moves

OK, this is a minor thing that’s difficult to explain, so I made a short movie to illustrate.

I had a compile error in a script (end repeat that wasn’t needed).

I canceled the error alert and SD nicely left the “Repeat” highlighted and the line indicated and a pointer to the line in the gutter. All fine. I hit delete and removed the “Repeat” leaving "end "

So I hit delete four times to remove the "end ". The oddity is that each time I hit delete the error marker moved down one line in the script.

No big, thing, just seemed odd, hadn’t noticed before and thought you might be interested.

I also encounter such strange misbehaviour is SD in any previous version when assigning / enabling breakpoints. Sometimes it toggles the one that is directly above and sometimes not. See attached screencast.
Sorry for placing this issue in the same message :frowning:
see screencast…

I’m seeing the same thing.