Error compiling AppleScript Adobe InDesign

I’ve been having a problem compiling AppleScript for Adobe InDesign CC 2015 and CC 2017. Even a simple command, such as changes to the application preflight placed directly from the Dictionary will fail. Only when the command is decompiled does the application seem to accept the values.

The same behavior occurs when attempting to compile the script in Script Editor on the mac. Even with the dictionary loaded and the application running. If I take the identical script to a different workstation the behavior does not occur. I think this may have been since I had CC 2017 and CC 2015 installed and running at the same time.

Has any one else reported this type of compile error with Adobe software and AppleScript with ScriptDebugger? I am struggling to find support online, or from Adobe or Apple.

Script such as:

tell application id "com.adobe.indesign"
	set currentWorkingProfile to preflight Working Profile of preflight options
end tell

Displays as:

tell application id "com.adobe.indesign"
	set currentWorkingProfile to «class pfWP» of preflight options
end tell


Usually these problems go away for me I use an application id tell, but I can see you are already doing that. I seldom keep multiple versions of InDesign open, but just tried your script with 2017 and 2014 launched. Compiles OK in SD and SE.

One thing you may want to try: on the non-working Mac, test with a clean user account.

Thanks a lot for the reply @rayrobertson. On my non-working mac (running 10.12.6) I created a new local user account, and was unfortunately still able to duplicate the problem.