Enhnanced Applet with Display Toolkit 1.1.3 is crashing


I’ve an Enhanced Applet, where I’ve connected a help window to the standard help menu item. With DT 1.1.0 it works well, but when upgrading to 1.1.3 the Applet crashes when I want to show the help window via menu command or with Cmd+?.

Here’s a very bare example which only shows a useless droplet window. Did I something wrong or is there a bug in DT 1.1.3?

DT_Test.zip (4.1 MB)

When I replace “Dialog Toolkit Plus.scptd” with the old version 1.1.0, it works.

Two suggestions:

First, update this line:

use script "Dialog Toolkit Plus" version "1.1.0"


use script "Dialog Toolkit Plus" version "1.1.3"

Second, open the DTP script library in Script Editor; make a small change; compile; save. Then test what happens.

Thanks for the tip. It does not work. My Applets are crashing with 1.1.3 and not with 1.1.0.

Some interesting finding:

I’m still using v1.1.0. Today, I cleaned up my script and moved “Script Libraries” from “Contents/Resources” to “Contents/Library”. Now it’s crashing with v1.1.0 also. If I move it Display Tool Kit back into Resources, it works again. Very strange.

I had this same issue and resolved it 100% by editing the plist file inside of the Dialog Toolkit Plus script.

You need to edit the info.plist file in Contents of the script bundle for Display Toolkit and add

OSAAppleScriptObjCEnabled Yes

To the file and resave it. To be safe I add it to my Applet and any script bundle I am calling as well as the other @ShaneStanley scripts including Myriad Tables or PrefsStorageLib.

If you look at 1.1.0 you’ll see it. The full discussions is here:

or can download this script and replace yours with this. https://forum.latenightsw.com/uploads/short-url/3kOX87FeUY9IlqxMNI47lzRN0TZ.zip. If you use my file you’ll have to edit the line calling the script lib to: use script “Dialog Toolkit PlusUpdated” version “1.1.3”


Thanks for your input. That’s great. I just added OSAAppleScriptObjCEnabled to the Plist and my Applets work with v1.1.3. Now I can also move the Script Libraries into a Library subfolder inside the bundle without crashing.

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