Enhanced Applets

Originally published at: https://latenightsw.com/enhanced-applets/

The standard applet shell provided by Apple has been with us since AppleScript’s inception. It is a minimal means of deploying a script as a stand alone application. Our objective with the Enhanced Applet shell is to provide additional functionality for scripters and to improve the user experience, especially when developing droplets (scripts that open files).


Mark, This is very interesting and impressive. A probably stupid question: Is there a way to run an enhanced applet in the SD interface so that it displays the same drop-here interface that a saved applet displays?

Not a stupid question at all.

We don’t offer the drop-here window within SD at this time. However, you can drag and drop files directly into a script window, and SD will offer to invoke your script’s on open handler for you. This is a great way to debug on open handlers without having to save as your script as a droplet.

Another nice feature is that once you’ve dropped files onto your script once, SD remembers this and each time you run your script, the drop operation is simulated for you.

Just what I needed to know! Thank you!

…and here’s a brief screencast demonstrating how this works:


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