Enhanced Applet crashed

I’m trying to convert one of my scripts that runs from Outlook via the system script menu to a script with script objects to handle massive lists.

It works OK from ScriptDebugger, but doesn’t do anything when run from the script menu. I decided to make it into a Applet and used the Enhanced applet.

When I tried running the applet it crashed pretty quickly. Attached is the apple crash reporting text. Also there is a text from a text wrangle document that seemed to open when the script failed. Not sure what that is.

So in addition to reporting the crash of the Ehanced Applet, I’m wondering if there’s an issue running script with script objects from Apple’s menu.

In this instance, the crash is happening within AppleScript:

Thread 1 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: NSOperationQueue 0x7feae94dcb90 :: NSOperation 0x7feae94005a0 (QOS: LEGACY)
0   com.apple.applescript         	0x000000010894f5b8 TUASScript::TypeInfo(TUASClassIndex*, unsigned short*) const + 4
1   com.apple.applescript         	0x00000001089449cc TUASActor::EnsurePreparedForExecution() + 156
2   com.apple.applescript         	0x0000000108950048 UASExecute1() + 249
3   com.apple.applescript         	0x000000010894ff04 UASExecute(unsigned char) + 192
4   com.apple.applescript         	0x000000010891dff5 ASExecute(unsigned int, unsigned int, int, unsigned int*) + 455
5   com.apple.applescript         	0x000000010891a099 AppleScriptComponent + 1741
6   com.apple.openscripting       	0x00007fff8a1bc899 OSAExecute + 65

OK, the same thing happens with the standard applet.

It’s odd that the script works inside SD, in debugging and regular modes; runs in Script Editor; but fails silently from the Apple script menu and crashes when run as an enhanced or standard applet.