Enhanced Applet can't be hidden when idle Handler is used

I’ve some stay-open Droplets which can’t be hidden permanently with ⌘H. The window will reappear after some seconds. Well, they don’t get focus so it does not interrupt me, but it seems not to be intended and looks strange. It only happens if an idle handler is present. If I slow down the time by using a parameter for the return command (eg. return 30) the window will reappear slower. I mean, this behavior was not always like this, I would have noticed it earlier. Maybe it has something to do with macOS 13. It occurs independently of the Stage Manager.

Im using SD V8.0.5 (8A61) and also tried 8.0.6 (8A66).

The issue is the progress display that the Enhanced Applet presents when any event handler is invoked. We can improve this.

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Thanks. That would be great.