Editing applet in SD causes folder to be duplicated

This one is for after the holidays, but I thought I’d post it before I forget.

I have an absurdly complicated applet that runs WordPerfect for DOS in the Windows-based emulator vDos in a Wine environment:


The vDosWP applet is about 300 MB in size when you copy it to your hard disk, and the Contents look like this:


When I open the applet in SD, and make any change and save it from SD, the vDos folder from deep inside the contents gets copied to the top level, so that it looks like this:


And the applet now fills 385MB.

The folder that gets copied is at this location:

Contents/Resources/vDos.app/Contents/Resources/drive_c/Program Files/vDos

Perhaps the fact that the folder name (vDos) is the same as the app name (vDos.app) has something to do with this? Keep in the mind that the vDos.app is an application inside the vDosWP application.

This is a cosmetic problem, I think, but it’s very odd, and my guess is that SD shouldn’t be doing this.

Again, it can wait, but it’s at least a curiosity (a kind of Christmas Cracker in the traditional sense).

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