Dual monitors issue

I was going to report this as a SD7 issue, but I went back to SD 6 and the same thing happened.

I now have two monitors connected to my mac, one landscape and one portrait.

What happens is that if i’m moving script windows around between the two, the script windows disappear. They seem to be below the bottom of the vertical monitor. (The tops of the monitors are aligned)

I have a script that arranges windows in SD and one that cascades them, but they don’t help. Menu choice for zoom or full screen don’t work. Only solution is to quit SD and relaunch.

Are you sure they’ve disappeared? it’s possible to drag a window so that only a tiny corner is visible in the bottom corner of a screen, but I’m pretty sure the OS will not let you drag them to nowhere.

What happens if you choose Script Debugger -> Hide Script Debugger, then click on its icon to make it appear again?

I am sure they disappeared. I think what’s happening is OS and/or SD is getting confused because the bottom of the two monitors are not aligned and it allows the window to be dragged off to nowhere.

I’ve had the dual monitors set up for a few weeks now and SD is the only app that’s had this issue. (I had dual monitors previously, about a year ago, and never saw this before.)

I’ve also noticed a related behavior. At some point one of the SD script window gets in an odd state. When I click on the toolbar to move the window, the cursor jumps about six inches above the window and then then I can move the window with the cursor in that position.

If I let go and click on the window again, same thing, cursor jumps above the window. It’s in this state, I think that the first window may have disappeared. After that the other three windows I had opened vanished.

I tried to recreate and got the state with the cursor appearing above the window, then that window disappeared.

Can you post a screenshot of your monitor arrangement, and describe where you’re dragging from, and where to?

Can’t do a screen shot spanning two monitors, so here’s the next best thing. When the issue has come up the window has been on the left monitor. Note how the tops are roughly aligned. I can drag the window to the bottom of the left monitor well below the bottom of the right.

I’ve noticed that if I drag the window to the top of the menu bar at the left and hold it there I get a weird tool bar with desktops. This seems to be related to the issue.

That weird bar might be something set by “Displays have separate Spaces” in “Mission Control” of the “System Preferences.” It lets you choose different work spaces. I just uncheck the box so that doesn’t come up when I move the mouse to the top of the screen.


I think Shane would also be interested in seeing how you have your monitors arranged:

Like this! Thanks

As Bill says, that behavior relates to the Spaces setting. Is the disappearing window issue happening at any other times?

If it happens again, could you try two things:

  • Note down where you dragged from to, if you can remember

  • See if choosing Script Debugger -> Hide Script Debugger and then clicking on SD in the Dock brings it back


I’m not sure if it happens at any other times. It’s happened three times now. Once in the wild, and twice trying to make it happen again. I believe I may have seen that spaces thing pop up but not sure if it did all three times, but I’d say that’s a likely suspect.

When it happens I definitely hid and brought SD back.

And tried numerous other things, switching desktops; bringing various apps forwards; trying all the related options in the view menu.

Next time it happens I’ll do a screen recording.