Droplet.icns replaced when saving

I use custom icons for my script applets, but I lazily name them droplet.icns instead of using a custom name (as I now realize I should do). When I save an existing script in SD8 (I’ve now tested this on Mojave and on BigSur/M1) the icon is replaced with a default icon. My guess is that this is meant to give it an up-to-date icon instead of an older one. But could there be an option to retain existing applet icons by default?

This is actually a Script Debugger 7 issue which Script Debugger 8 addresses. For technical reasons, it takes two saves.

The first time you save an existing script from Script Debugger 8, the script’s icon will be reset to the default. However, from that point onward, Script Debugger 8 will no longer alter the icon. If you’ve customized the icon by pasting a new icon using the Finder’s Get Info panel, that will remain.

Thank you! Understood.

I would add that it takes a matter of seconds to avoid the problem.

  • Show the Resources tab, select the applet.icns file, hit return, and type a new name.
  • Select the new name from the Applet Icon menu, then save.

Just don’t include an extra . in the name — that seems problematic in Big Sur.

That’s exactly what I realized I needed to do. Took about three seconds. Thanks again.