Droplet and macOS Service in one App


I use an Automator service to convert selected Text and replace the result in place. As sometimes it’s better to convert the source files into new files, I also created an enhanced applet with similar functionality. Thanks to Display Toolkit, I could implement a Preferences window, which is great. Now I have the problem, that I have to curate two scripts. So, two questions came into my mind:

  • Is it possible to register an AppleScript-Applet as a Service, so it appears in the Services menu?
  • If not, can I embed the Automator Service into the App Bundle so that macOS shows it in the Services menu? And what’s the best way to call the main.scpt from an Automator Workflow and pass the selected text to it?

this won’t answer your queston, but i like to use quicksilver to launch scripts with a hotkey. It might make your system of choice less complicated.

If you make AppleScript Cocoa application with Xcode, you will be able to make both features.

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