Drag and drop does not work

Hi all,
I was wondering if I am the only one this happens to. I am just coming back to scripting after a 2 years hiatus and I remember being able to Drag & Drop from the Inspector Tab where this window would popup 23%20AM … It still does but clicking on Paste doesn’t do anything anymore! (It still does form the Dictionary though)
Any ideas?

Also, in writing this post I tried adding a “UI” additional tag where “Search or create” was stated. Apparently, I could only add already created tag in spite of the “create” option.


Actually, I need to refine my comments…
I used to be able to drag & drop the Application itself, creating a tell/end tell application block.
Now it seem I have to select a “sub member” for the “Paste Tell Application” to work (which forces me to delete the unwanted reference to that “sub member”)

This is a regression and we’ll resolve it in the next Script Debugger maintenance release (7.0.5).