Does anyone know where to find the ebook 'PPT2004AppleScriptRef.pdf'?

Hi, everyone, I’m new to applescript and I’ve been doing something on PPT by AS.
I search the web but cannot find the ebook [PPT2004AppleScriptRef.pdf] or [PPT 2004 AppleScript Reference]

The original link that I get through google search is dead.

Would anyone who happens to have this ebook or know where to get the ebook be kind to tell me how to get this book?
I am willing to pay for this book.
Thanks a lot !

Try here:

Stan C.

Thank you sooooooo much !

Thanks for sharing the PowerPoint guide link, @StanC. I’m also thankful for this source of much legacy documentation:

The site appears to be by Phil Stokes. @sphil, could you possibly add the PowerPoint guide from the link Stan provided? Having everything in one place—especially with your single download option—is tremendous.

I’ve also added this link to my Documentation post.

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