Do applications need to be "Enhanced Applications" to get Brave/Chrome permissions?

I’ve got some Applescript programs on my desktop that I use for configuring windows and apps. I just run them by double-clicking the desktop icon. I need to open tabs in Brave/Chrome, and, from what I can tell, the only way to do this is by saving my script as an “Enhanced Application”. Other methods aren’t given the option to control other apps by OSX.

In summary:

  • :white_check_mark: Script Debugger “Enhanced Application”
  • :x: .scpt wrapped in bash script
  • :x: Regular Application
  • :white_check_mark: Running directly from Script Editor or Script Debugger (not super userful…)


  • Mojave 10.14.6
  • Applescript 1.0 (Could this be the problem…? I’m still on a 2012 Macbook)

Apologies if this has been asked. I’m new enough to Applescript to not be able to search intelligently for answers.

Hey Angus,

I’m running Mojave on a 2012 MacBook Air, so we’re pretty close.

The main difference (probably) is that I have SIP turned off on this system to permit me to run AppleScript Osaxen I’m still dependent upon.

That said – I didn’t have any problem giving a couple of test non-enhanced AppleScript.apps permissions to interoperate with Google Chrome and Brave Browser.

Apps saved with Script Debugger 8.0.3.

If I remember correctly – Mojave should not require any special permissions for AppleScript apps created by the system owner.


Now then…

It would drive me totally nuts to depend upon AppleScript applications to do my work.

To run AppleScripts I use:

  • FastScripts (Primary Mechanism)
    • Script menu
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
      • Global
      • App-Specific
  • Keyboard Maestro (Secondary AppleScript-runner & Macro Utility)
    • Currently best-of-breed macro-utility for macOS.
      • Highly versatile…
    • Keyboard Shortcut driven macros.
    • Menus.
    • Pop-up dialogs.
  • LaunchBar
    • Productivity utility.
    • Can run AppleScripts.
  • Typinator
    • Text-Snippet Expander Utility
    • Can run AppleScripts

If I don’t have all of these utilities operational on a Mac I’m working with I feel totally crippled.


No, you can use Apple applets too. The fact that one appears in your screenshot shows this to be true.

What I suspect you’re referring to is being regularly asked for permission. That happens with applets under some versions of the OS because running them modifies their top-level variables, which in turn results in a modified document, and therefore previously granted permissions are invalidated.

There are various ways around this issue: code-signing applets, using Script Debugger’s Lock Main Script preference, or rewriting scripts so all variables are are locals. if you hunt around the forum, you’ll see the issue has been addressed a few times.

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@ccstone FastScripts was exactly what I needed, thank you!!!

To anyone else who comes across this – I’m not exactly sure why I couldn’t get things working before. But now I have FastScripts installed and a collection of scripts saved in plain text (.applescript) in ~/Library/Scripts. Everything works, and, since FastScripts is the entrypoint, I only have to worry about granting accessibility to FastScripts instead of every one of my scripts.

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