Display Panels and more

(Andreas Kiel) #1

I am a bit lost while trying to display panels with or without progress indicators.
I know I could use Shane’s Myriad Helpers, but those get me dozens of warnings when compiling.
Additionally I can’t get any progress indicator to work - but that’s not my biggest problem.
Any help would be appreciated.

(Shane Stanley) #2

It shouldn’t. What messages are you seeing?

(Andreas Kiel) #3


I closed the message window somehow and don’t know how to get it back in XCode 9.
Here a screenshot.

(Shane Stanley) #4

That looks like you’re using an old version.

(Andreas Kiel) #5

Can I get a newer version somewhere?
Do I have to buy the e-book again?

(Shane Stanley) #6



(Andreas Kiel) #7

Thanks again Shane!
Will try those.