Display notification problem?

Good morning
On scriptDebugger8, I just made an update.
I can no longer send this simple command:

tell app “Finder”
display notification “ok”
end tell

Script Editor makes the display notification window appear… Not scriptDebugger8…
Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Script Debugger 8 also. Check the focus settings in the system and these options in the script debugger settings:

“options in the script debugger settings” are the same.
But I don’t know where are the focus settings.
In app “réglages système”?

You must disable the options (at least the first one) and must not have enabled Focus Mode that blocks notification.

ok but… where is the focus mode? in script debugger? I don’t find it :wink:

In the macOS System Setting. Also check whether notification are enabled for the script debugger.

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OK thanks Dirk!
Actually scriptdebugger notifications were blocked (by default) by system preferences!
Only this.
It’s good for me.