Discourse Supports Reply via email

@alldritt ,

Since you currently prefer (but that may change as you use Discourse), you can enable reply via email.

For example, here is the reply header I get from Keyboard Maestro:

From: Christopher Stone kmforum@forum.keyboardmaestro.com
Reply-To: Keyboard Maestro Discourse replies+765436f320590a02ea44355872b60671@forum.keyboardmaestro.com
Date: Fri, Jul 8, 2016 at 7:55 PM
To: JMichael JMichael@apoemail.us
Subject: Re: [Keyboard Maestro] How to bring an application to the front without launching it?

But, the reply header from LNS is:

From: Mark Alldritt noreply@forum.latenightsw.com
Reply-To: Mark Alldritt noreply@forum.latenightsw.com
Date: Fri, Jul 8, 2016 at 8:47 PM
To: JMichael JMichael@apoemail.us
Subject: LNS [Site Feedback] Info and Suggestions for your Discourse forum

For more info, see:

BTW, may I suggest that you change your discourse user name to mark_alldritt ?
It’s just easier to type @mark
But NBD.

:slight_smile: I went through this on a Slack forum I’m on. I tried several variations on my name and they all collided awfully with others in the channel. I’ll let everyone vote.

No big deal. Use whatever you prefer.

@alldritt works pretty well.  :smile:


enable the feature on your own Discourse site, you need to set up a few site settings

  • reply_by_email_enabled - set to true
  • reply_by_email_address - change to your email address that will handle replies. For example reply+%{reply_key}@reply.myforum.com. %{reply_key} is required and will be replaced with a unique identifier for the email.

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