Disappearing Horizontal Scroll bars

This is reproducible (happened 3 times).

If I have a script window with two tabs, then drag one tab off to create a new window, the window for the tab I didn’t drag loses its horizontal scroll bars.

Anyone see the same thing?

–>Script Debugger 6.0.7 (6A217) on Mac OS 10.11.6 (15G1611)
(also, I’m using Script Debugger 7.0(7a25), but that nifty script that I adapted from Chris’s script still thinks I’m on 6.0.7)

I cannot reproduce the problem you are experiencing here. Here’s what happens for me:

After relaunch could not replicate.

Had a crash doing this again.

SD7 seems very buggy and crashy, more so than most. Is it just me or are others finding the same thing?

A little more info.

Opened SD and made a new window. Did cmd-F.

Made a new tab, dragged it off. Closed the new window.

Made a new tab in the original window, did cmd-f in the new tab, dragged it off and bingo, crash. Twice in a row.

Also I just realized in the original post I said “horizontal” scroll bars.

Dummy! It was the vertical scroll bars that disappeared.