Disable "persistent variables" by default?

Is it possible to add a preference option that would disable “Persistent Variables” by default? I’m constantly tripping over situations where a variable gets set in one run of a script and triggers an unwanted action later. I know I can turn it off, and I know I can create run-only scripts, but I want users to be able to edit my scripts, and it would make life easier if I could assume that Persistent Variables were switched off unless I explicitly turned them on.

Of course I can imagine that there are many reasons NOT to do this, but I hope it might be worth considering.

The persistent variables setting is part of the “content” of your script document. You can configure a script’s content as you want (eg. persistent variables setting, source text, description, debugging on/off, breakpoints) it and save it as a template. Then, you can create new scripts from that template.

Note that Script Debugger treats “view” settings (line wrapping, etc.) separately. They are configured using the Window > Set Default Script Size & State command.

Excellent. Will do exactly that - creating a template. Thank you.

FWIW, Persistent Properties is turned off for the standard AppleScriptObjC template.