Dictionary Toolbar


I’m noticing two issues with the dictionaries toolbar, and both seem to be issues in SD6 as well.

First, when I open a new dictionary window the gray text in the search field is off to the right. It should be either left justified inside the search field or at least centered. (Left justified is preferred).

If I resize the window, making it smaller then bigger that forces the placeholder text into the right position, where it stays.

The second issue is with the “Show Dictionaries” button. When the dictionaries are showing that should rename itself to “Hide Dictionaries” and then when they are hidden is should be “Show Dictionaries.”

I agree, but unfortunately Apple doesn’t. Please log a bug with them requesting developers be given some control over where the placeholder appears.

What’s interesting is that after the window is resized, the placeholder text is right where we want it.

But only if it was a long line, and the resize resulted in the search field resizing to the point it didn’t fit. All grist for your bug report to Apple :slight_smile: