Dictionary Explorer view unavailable

For some time now I have been unable to view the Dictionary’s Explorer view. It is greyed-out.

Is this a known issue (I couldn’t find any topics on this), or do I perhaps need to reinstall Script Debugger because something got corrupted?

I am using v 5.0.12 and Sierra 10.12.1.

Any help appreciated.

Is that true for all apps? OMM it’s grayed out for those that can’t be explored.

Yes, all apps seem to be affected.

Can you describe what exactly is greyed out? I wonder if you’re talking about the Open Explorer Window command in the File menu.

Ok, no problem.

One shot (attached) is of the Dictionary menu greyed out. This happens when I load the script.

The other shot is of the Dictionary window (i.e after I open the dictionary). You will see that the Explorer tab is greyed out. I cannot click on it. I was looking at the Finder dictionary at the time, but it looks the same for all applications.

Thanks for your help.

That’s correct behavior – items are only enabled when they can be used (a dictionary window active).

Yes, I can see that now – I missed the part where you said v5. I don’t know what’s changed with 10.12, but the best answer at this stage is an upgrade to version 6.

Ya I was afraid of that. I’ve now bought v.6.