Dictionary Explorer of Application - possible to highlight selection?

I am just beginning to learn Script Debugger. I am a long time user of UI Browser. One of its more useful features is “Highlight”. That is, when exploring the UI Elements of an application, when you click on an object in UI Browser’s Browser window, that object is highlighted in the application itself. I have looked through the documentation and application, but I am unable to find this feature is Script Debugger. Does Script Debugger have this ability? I hope I am simply overlooking something!

No, UI Explorer is the go-to app for exploring apps’ user interface. Script Debugger’s Dictionary Explorer is a way of exploring apps’ scripting interface.

But, the two work quite well together. You can open the System Events dictionary in the dictionary explorer window as you’re navigating the interface in UIBrowser. Depending on the application and the scenario, the SD Explorer may show you options that UI Browser can’t.

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Thank you, Shane. I am beginning to see how they can complement each other, as Ed stated.