Dictionary description display

When I look Pages dictionary in the Script Debugger the Description for the Export command is blacked out. It looks like a table with each cell filled with black (see screenshot below).

Nothing else in the Pages dictionary does this, and I haven’t seen it anywhere else, just this one command in Page.

In Script Editor dictionary viewer the blacked out part displays as table showing file formats and extensions.

I’m sure this is a Pages issue, but reporting here in case it shows up anywhere else, or to see if anyone else sees it.

→ Mac OS Version 11.6.8 (20G730)

→ Pages 12.1 (7034.0.86)
→ Script Debugger 8.0.5 (8A61)

By contrast – export in in Script Debugger 5.0.12 (707) on OSX 10.14.6:

Thanks, it looks like there’s a conflict between the styling Pages is using for a table in its description of the command and the styles Script Debugger uses to display dictionaries generally. Until it’s sorted out you can select the table, which makes the text visible-ish.