Dictionaries on iPad?

Is there a way to see dictionaries info on iPad?
Any app, web?
It would be very useful for me when I’m on the couch to take a look to dictionaries.

You can copy from the dictionary display and paste into TextEdit, then export as PDF. But none of the links will work; it will be a static document.

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There is nothing built into Script Debugger to directly facilitate this. As Shane suggests, you can copy the HTML Script Debugger generates in its dictionary windows to your iPad.

It was never intended for this purpose, but there is an expert preference named PrefDictDumpHTML, which when set to true, causes the HTML displayed in the Script Debugger dictionary window to be written to a file called ~/Desktop/Dictionary.html. This file is overwritten each time you display new information in the Script Debugger dictionary window. You may be able to use the HTML the PrefDictDumpHTML preference generates in some way.

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