Dialog ToolkitPlus questions

I’m having an issue with the display enhanced alert command in Dialog ToolkitPlus.

When I run the script below I get an error message:

-- --{«class ocid» id «data optr000000008007E42101000000», 30, 113.0} doesn’t understand the “suppressionButton” message.

Also, the partial result doesn’t seem to match what the actual result should be.
-- --{<NSButton: 0x121e708a0>, 30, 113.0}

Further, if pass an empty accViewControls to the command, I get a similar error, but four items in the partial result.

--{{«class ocid» id «data optr00000000F057ED2101000000», «class ocid» id «data optr00000000A07F0E4201000000», «class ocid» id «data optr0000000000D7214201000000»}, 243} doesn’t understand the “suppressionButton” message.

The errors seems to have something to do with the suppression button, but I get the same error if suppression is true/false or omitted.

If I use the Display Enhanced Window command instead, it works like a charm.

(This is in addition to the clipping error I reported yesterday and am still having issues with, which seems to be resolved).

use script "Dialog Toolkit Plus"
use scripting additions

set accViewControls to {}
set controlResults to {}
set accViewWidth to 400
set accViewHeight to 200
set theBottom to 0
set spacer to 12
set theBottom to spacer


set alertText to "text"
set initialPosition to {30, 30}

--Build alert buttons
set buttonList to {("Cancel"), ("Copy"), ("Okay")}

set {theButtons, theWidth} to create buttons buttonList ¬
   default button 3 ¬
   cancel button 1 ¬
   equal widths false ¬
   --button keys {textList}

if theWidth > accViewWidth then set accViewWidth to theWidth

-->ACC views go here
set checkBoxTitle to "Checkbox text"

set {theCheckBoxValue, theTop, theWidth} to ¬
   create checkbox checkBoxTitle ¬
      left inset 0 ¬
      bottom theBottom ¬
      max width accViewWidth ¬
      without initial state

set theBottom to (theTop + spacer)
set the end of accViewControls to theCheckBoxValue


--Display enhanced alert
set {userResponse, suppression, controlValues} to ¬
   display enhanced alert alertText ¬
      message alertText ¬
      as informational alert ¬
      buttons theButtons ¬
      suppression false ¬
      acc view width accViewWidth ¬
      acc view height accViewWidth ¬
      acc view controls accViewControls ¬
      giving up after 60
-- error message
--   --{«class ocid» id «data optr000000008007E42101000000», 30, 113.0} doesn’t understand the “suppressionButton” message.

-- error values
-- --{<NSButton: 0x121e708a0>, 30, 113.0}

→ Mac OS Version 11.6.8 (20G730)
→ Script Debugger 8.0.5 (8A61)
→ Dialog Toolkit Plus 1.1.2

For alerts, you don’t create buttons – you just pass names for them. So remove the create buttons call, and change:


		buttons buttonList ¬
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