Developer ID Signing Identity not recognised?

Hey there!

I just learned about SD Notary and it looks great! Are there any special instructions or requirements for the Developer ID signing identity to show up in the dropdown? I’ve been compiling and submitting apps (through XCode) on this machine forever, redownloaded all the developer and distribution certificates from Apple’s developer page, but the dropdown keeps saying ‘No Developer ID identities found’.


SD Notary uses the security command-line tool to check for certificates — it basically runs security find-identity -v. Could your certificates be stored in a keychain that’s not part of the default search list?

Throwing security find-identity -v into the terminal brings up 6 valid identities. I just checked and all the certificates are in the ‘login’ item.

How many of them begin with "Developer ID Application: "?

None of them begin like that, and I did not rename them.

Ahhhh, it only took me a billion seconds to understand that I need another kind of certificate for this! Sorry for this confusing, I just didn’t realise you needed a different certificate than the one I use to develop and distribute apps that is literally called Developer ID.

That was my problem. Thanks for pointing me into the right direction!

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