Deinstalling Script Debugger

If you need to completly de-install Script Debugger, follow these steps (# is the version of Script Debugger you have):

  • Remove the Script Debugger application

  • Remove ~/Library/Preferences/com.latenightsw.ScriptDebugger#.plist

  • Remove ~/Library/Application Support/Script Debugger #

  • Remove ~/Library/Caches/com.latenightsw.ScriptDebugger#

  • Remove ~/Library/Caches/Script Debugger #

  • If you are using Script Debugger 7 and below, remove ~/Library/Components/Script Debugger.component.

  • If you’ve been using Script Debugger prior to version 4, you may also find items in all of these locations named Script Debugger which should be removed.

That’s it.

seems like something that could be scripted. :rofl: