Debugger syntax coloring question

There appears to be a noticable color difference in syntax coloring between variable names and subroutine names, even though both share the same color definition in preferences. In this magnified screen grab, the darker “s” on the left is part of a variable name and the lighter one is part of a handler name:

This does not happen in Script Editor, so it’s clearly not something Apple is doing. Am I hallucinating, or is Debugger actually differentiating between the two?

I might add that this is NOT a complaint—I actually LIKE seeing the visible difference. I’m only looking for verification that it’s really there.

Stan C.

What you’re seeing is a new feature in Script Debugger 6.

Go to Preferences -> Fonts & Colors, and below the list is a checkbox Apply color to method and handler names, and a color well to its right. Click on the color well and you can choose a more distinctive color, or click on the checkbox to turn distinctive formatting off.

Because the default is red, and you happen to be using red for styling names and variables, the difference you are seeing is very subtle. For people using the default green styling for names and variables, the difference is somewhat more obvious.

Nice! Thanks for the explanation, Shane. Now I can exploit this new feature to best advantage.

Stan C.