Date and Time strings in Sonoma

I have a user who has moved to Sonoma and a script has an issue. (Other users report no issue)

When the script uses the date as string command, it results in an incorrect format for the text that is returned.

I tried to send him to: System Preferences>Language & Regions>Advanced…>Times to check his date and time string formats, but Apple seems to have moved or removed those.

Does anyone with Sonoma know where the user defined date and time strings are now?

Ed. They are now in General > Languages and Region:

Thank you very much!

Although, that shows the Date string, but not the Time string, and that’s where the issue is.

The time options are shown in General > Date and Time. There’s no other options that I’m aware of.

I couldn’t find anywhere they can be modified – it looks like we’ve lost that ability.