Dash Mac App Store Issues

Script Debugger 6 supports Dash for Cocoa documentation lookups. However, it seems there are some issues downloading Dash on the Mac from the Mac App Store:


I hope this all gets sorted out.

Yikes. I have a policy of always buying direct rather than via the App Store where possible – normally to avoid delays in getting updates. But this is the second time I’ve been saved from a store screw-up.

I feel very sorry for the guy behind it…

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What a horrifying story. Apple can be so infuriatingly obtuse at times.

I don’t personally distribute through the App Store anyway for macOS, and I prefer to source apps direct from developers whenever I can.

Apple’s long list of bizarre antics toward developers with regard to the App Store just makes it not seem worth the hassle to me. Alas, developers have no choice for iOS.

I’m a big fan of Dash, and I hope for his sake the developer gets this sorted out.

The saga continues: http://www.macrumors.com/2016/10/06/dash-pulled-for-app-store-review-manipulation/

This is pretty crazy. Why would dash need or want to do that? I wonder how long Apple worked on verifying it really was dash doing the manipulation. I would guess Apple only looked a surface details and moved on. People and companies get hacked all the time any more, including Apple.

A lot of developers for my favorite apps left the App store voluntarily. BBEdit pulled out a while ago. Others pulled out because they can’t offer discount prices to people who owned the previous version, … and the list goes on. I think Apple’s concept of pushing for an app store subscription is pretty dumb. They’ve gone a bit power mad anymore. I’m certainly not as interested in the app store as a customer as I was in the past. Too much politics.

The whole thing with dash is just ridiculous.