Cursor misplaced in New Window - bug?

When I create a new window in Script Debugger v6.0.5 under Sierra Mac OS X, I cannot drag it to the top of the screen because the cursor is displaced a couple of inches above the point I selected in the new window. The original window still behaves normally I also find that I cannot set the editing cursor in the script. Any attempt to click in the script selects several lines of text. Since I have the use of three monitors, it is my practice to work in separate windows but I can no longer do this.

I’m running 6.0.5 under sierra with two monitors, but I’m not seeing this problem. When you say new window, do you mean opening a second window to a document?

After several reboots and a complete reset of my Matrox “DualHead2Go Digital ME” video adapter, the anomalous cursor behavior has disappeared. A simple reboot was not sufficient to clear the problem.