Crash SDEB hangs and there is a yellow bar at the top in a new tab

Don’t know how to explain my issue but running a long script (long for for me at least )it crashes and as I said in the title a new window appears with a yellow bar at the top . SDB freezes and I have to force quit when I reopen it all m scripts are there but the window with the yellow bar is not

If I run the part of the script (that I think is where the crash happens) it works. I am in the process of breaking the whole routine down to run in pieces.

I wondered if any one else has seen this problem. Have not been able to find a way to post a screen shot here of the result I refer to.

If you can reproduce this, please use the Activity Monitor utility to collect a Sample report of Script Debugger while it is in this hung state. This may help us understand where Script Debugger is failing.

Thanks very much for getting back to me. Ran my routine again and crashed at same place could not see how to attach the results form Activity monitor and apparently paste the whole output here as it is too large. Probably missing something simple can you advise please.



When I’ve done that I saved the output to a file and then put it in DropBox or OneDrive and then shared the link.

As per Ed’s suggestion here is a Dropbox link that has all the activity data form the crash