Cosmetic Issue with Script Debugger 8

I’ve encountered a possible issue with Script Debugger 8. To reproduce:

  1. Open Script Debugger with an empty editor window.
  2. Enable the Results & Variables tab.
  3. Paste the script contained below into Script Debugger and run the script.
  4. Make the Results & Variables tab wider with the mouse.
  5. Run the script.

After doing the above, there is always a faint vertical line the height of the editor window. Thanks.

tell application "Script Debugger" to tell window 1
	set tab width to 200
end tell

Thanks for the report. It appears in various scenarios, but as far as I can ascertain, it’s unfortunately an underlying bug in the OS.

Thanks Shane.

I use the tab-width property in a reset-Script-Debugger script, and I discovered that reversing the tell statements was a partial fix for this issue. I assume this is because the now-second tell statement refreshes the Editor window, but whatever the case the script now pretty much works as I want.