Copying App had unexpected behavior

This is a little odd. I have an applet that I’ve used and modified over the years that runs fine. I had been editing it in debugging mode. Switched to normal mode then closed and saved it. (I generates an error when run). I then made a copy of the app to edit in SD.

When the applet copied the debugging icon appeared on the copy (it was not on the original). When I opened the copy in SD, debugging was indeed on. Out of curiosity I double clicked the original applet in the finder to see if it would run. The script from the copy, which was still open in SD started to execute in debugging mode.

I dropped the original on SD and it’s now in debugging mode.

Also, the “copy” text that’s added to the copied version’s file name has disappeared in finder and in SD.

So I now have two copies of the same applet in the same directory with the same name. Both are in debugging mode, but only the copy has the debugging icon.

Update… on closing and reopening the folder, there is now just one applet with the original name.