Copy/save entire event log?

Is there a way of saving the entire event log (events and results) ? I would like to save the event log to a file so I can keep a record of what happened.

I have tried to copy the event log and paste into a text file. However, it only copied the events – it did not copy the event results. Is there a way of copying all the event results ? The only way I can find is to manually copy each result and paste into a text file. But, I have over 300 event results to copy.

I need to retain logs as I am getting a variety of errors and I find it very easy to lose all record of those errors. I also need to access the event log on another Mac.

It’s not exactly straight-forward, but you can use a script to loop through a document’s event log entries and extract the information that way. You’ll need to use some kind of hack to convert some results to text (ie, records).

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